Author: Alessandra Brevi
Date: 2 October 2023
Tor.Met Inauguration 09.22.2023

Three years have passed since that March 2020 when, with adrenaline and courage, we signed the purchase of the space that we wanted to become the new headquarters of Tor.Met. Three challenging years for everyone, filled with uncertainties and concerns, but where we tried not to be discouraged and worked our best with the clear goal of growing.

And it’s precisely in that space in Casale Corte Cerro that on Friday, September 22 2023, we wanted to welcome you and celebrate the beginning of the new chapter in our history. Our “new home,” filled with the people who are by our side every day, has acquired a unique beauty and emotion.

A celebration that had it all: the palpable enthusiasm in the air, the sparkling lights, the music, and the laughter that echoed through the night. The inauguration party was much more than just an event; it was an opportunity to bring together friends, family, clients, and suppliers in an unforgettable celebration.

Meeting with Institutions

Dr. Sara Rubinelli conducted and moderated the conference that opened the event. Distinguished guests took turns to speak about economics, industry, the region, and innovation.

It was a moment of high cultural value, where we could hear words of appreciation and encouragement for our reality from those who work every day to promote the growth of the region.

We would like to thank once again Gabriele Falcioni, Deputy Mayor of Casale Corte Cerro, Alessandro Lana, President of the Province of VCO (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola), Matteo Marnati, Regional Councillor for the Piedmont Region, Michele Setaro, President of the Industrial Union of VCO, and Tullio Materazzo, Business Manager at Intesa Sanpaolo. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Marco Fortis, vice president of the Edison foundation, Enrico Borghi, Senate Group Leader of Azione-Italia Viva, and Alberto Gusmeroli, President of the Committee on Productive Activities, Commerce, and Tourism of the Chamber of Deputies.

The conference also featured the participation of architect Pietro Pasini, who, along with his Pasini-Montafia studio, oversaw the entire renovation, and Don Gianmario Lanfranchini, Episcopal Vicar for the Vicariate of the Lakes.

Barbara Ragnoli, Stefano Romanò, Piero Ragnoli and Federica Ragnoli

The Tor.Met great celebration

Cutting the ribbon amidst applause and emotion marked the beginning of the real celebration. Guests had the opportunity to explore the company in all its spaces, discovering it while retracing the philosophy of ‘good work,’ which was the driving concept behind the project.

In the elegant atmosphere of the setup arranged in front of the company, good food and beautiful music accompanied the event throughout its duration.

Oh, how far we have come! You can only imagine the difficulty, the obstacles, the sleepless nights. But I would do it all over again, a thousand times if necessary. Because over all these years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting extraordinary people. People who, like me, have understood that effort is not an obstacle, but a gym. It’s thanks to that effort that I’ve grown, that we’ve all learned, and that we are here tonight. So, this is not just a celebration for my family; it’s the celebration of a great team, the celebration of all of us!

Piero Ragnoli

These are the words of Piero Ragnoli, the director of Tor.Met and the heart of the company, who manages to make everyone feel like part of one big family every day.

piero ragnoli tormet
Piero Ragnoli

It has been truly wonderful to welcome you, share this moment, and see your smiles during the evening. Your words of encouragement and your well-wishes have inspired us and will give us the strength needed to face all the challenges that the future holds for us. Thank you!

stefano romano tormet
Stefano Romanò with his wife, Sara Rubinelli, and parents, Emilia and Andriano