produzione tor.met casale

Design in the Metalworking Industry

Take a view of our factory and read about our designed choises. A plesent work place can be do the different!
tormet università bicocca

Tor.Met at Milano-Bicocca University

On May 19th, we had the pleasure of being hosted, as a testimonial company, at the faculty of economics of the Milano Bicocca college.
Analizzatore XFR TorMet

X-ray analyzer: a brand new tecnology in Tor.Met

A brand new technology in Tor.Met
Tor.Met Academy

Tor.Met Academy – An HR Project

New project: Tor.Met academy
palestra tormet

A zero-impact gym in our factory

Read about our gym in Tor.Met
Easter Tor.Met

Happy Easter!

Tor.Met wish you all a Happy Easter day! We will be closed from 2 p.m on April 7th to April 10th
merry christmas tormet

Merry Christmas!

Tor.Met wish you all merry christmas and happy new year

The start of the move to our new location

The start of the move to our new location in Casale Corte Cerro.