tormet università bicocca
Author: Alessandra Brevi
Date: 24 May 2023
Tor.Met at Milano-Bicocca University

On May 19th, we had the pleasure of being hosted, as a testimonial company, at the faculty of economics of the Milano Bicocca college.

Thanks to dr. Sabina Riboldazzi, associate professor at the university, was created a great synergy between industry and academia, allowing students to become acquainted with the small-medium size business, wich are among the most widespread and soundational elements of the national entrepreneurial fabric.

The presentations were carried out by Mr. Stefano Romanò, CEO, accompanied by Ms. Alessandra Brevi, marketing manager, with the paricipation of professor Riboldazzi who stimulated debate and curiosity among the students, who actively partecipated with precise and curious questions.

Mr. Stefano Romanò to the students

We were the protagonists of two lectures: during the first one, aimed at firts-year students in marketing, corporate communication and global markets, we discusses the evolution of Tor.Met into a smart factory through the intefration of the Industry 4.0 model. We explored how capital can be invested to improve the company and make it competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

Second meeting took place in the master’s class in marketing and global markets, where we focused on sharing our approach to foreing markets and how we manage this important portion of our revenue with our resources. We discussed the beginning of this journey and how it continues to evolve.

Professor Sabina Riboldazzi and Mr. Stefano Romanò

B2B and marketing

It still seems challenging to talk about B2B marketing. The customers we target have a clear idea of what they want, often know how much they are willing to spend, and are well-informed about raw materials and processing techniques. How does marketing fit into such a specialized market? And is it necessary to do so?

We started from this point to explain to the students the path that Tor.Met has taken, a small company that, year after year, has added innovations to its journey, believing in and investing in the idea of a modern and dynamic industry.

Mrs. Alessandra Brevi to the studens

No alternative text was provided for this image. Ms. Alessandra Brevi in the Master’s class in marketing and global markets. It has been a campaign of innovation that has touched every aspect of Tor.Met, both within and outside the company, fully embracing the fourth phase of the industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

We made room for technology to support work, minimize time and resource waste, and invested in increasingly qualified personnel. We embraced the circular economy model and adapted our spaces to a new concept of more versatile work.

Of course, a strategy that leverages the strengths and competitiveness of the company and showcases them through a communication plan on all available technology platforms is essential.

Regarding the foreign market, it is crucial to be able to plan the path to avoid getting lost along the way. Research and strategy are the keywords that allow a business like ours to enter the realm of modern marketing.

The debates with the students from both classes also allowed us as a company to put ourselves to the test and measure ourselves through the opinions of those who are entering the world of work.

Mr. Stefano Romanò, CEO of Tor.Met, and Mrs. Alessandra Brevi, marketing manager

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Professor Riboldazzi for giving us this valuable opportunity.