Tor.Met for the environment

Industry and sustainability

We have remodeled our work by minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible.

With the establishment of the headquarters in Casale Corte Cerro, Tor.Met has firmly embraced the importance of sustainability, increasingly becoming an eco-friendly company.

Being a sustainable industry is not easy; hence, significant investments have been directed towards cutting-edge technologies aimed at optimizing production processes and reducing the use of natural resources and pollutant emissions.

Social and environmental responsibility has become a fundamental pillar of Tor.Met's corporate philosophy. Sustainability and employee involvement have been crucial in this journey of change. A cohesive team working towards a single goal: to operate at its best in a healthy environment.


tormet sostenibilità
A sustainable factory

ESG, a sustainable commitment

Tor.Met has taken a significant step towards transparency and corporate responsibility by voluntarily deciding to draft an ESG report. With this initiative, we aim to demonstrate the company’s commitment to openly communicate with stakeholders regarding its sustainable practices.

Through the report, Tor.Met provides a comprehensive view of its initiatives to address environmental challenges, promote social well-being, and ensure strong governance practices.

The decision to publish an ESG report not only enhances the company’s transparency but also demonstrates its ongoing commitment to improving its performance in a sustainable manner. In a context where sustainability is increasingly relevant, this document becomes a valuable tool for communicating progress and building trust with stakeholders, laying a solid foundation for Tor.Met’s future.

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Energy and resources

To reduce energy waste and adopt more sustainable practices, Tor.Met has initiated a project to cover the building with solar panels, aiming to generate and utilize clean, renewable energy. Additionally, we have installed a charging station for electric cars, promoting the use of zero-emission vehicles among employees.

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Tor.Met has announced an ambitious project for spring 2024: the installation of three beehives and three "bee hotels" to offset its own emissions. This initiative reflects the company's commitment to environmental sustainability by providing a safe habitat for bees and other pollinators. The beehives will contribute to honey production and pollination, while the bee hotels will offer shelter to pollinating insects, thus promoting biodiversity and demonstrating an active approach to offsetting corporate emissions.



Tor.Met promotes a healthy lifestyle among its employees by offering, among other things, an internal gym. All equipment is magnetic, therefore consuming no electrical energy. This initiative not only fosters employee well-being but also highlights Tor.Met's commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. The combination of promoting wellness and sustainable practices reflects the company's comprehensive approach to corporate responsibility.