produzione tor.met casale
Author: Alessandra Brevi
Date: 26 May 2023
Design in the Metalworking Industry

Tor.Met has undoubtedly become a highly recognizable entity, primarily thanks to its impactful design. Every detail and stylistic choice has been dictated by a thought process that aimed to blend aesthetic sense with practicality.

We want to tell you more about this work and help you better understand who we are by taking you inside the company, starting from the beating heart of our work: the production area.

Production at Tor.Met – the facilities

The entire machine park extends over an area of over 4,000 square meters. The environment is illuminated by natural light coming from above, which spreads and reflects off the walls painted in a light color palette, enhancing the effect. Soft and diffused lighting has been chosen for artificial illumination.

White is also the color chosen for the machinery. The older lathes have been restored and repainted to harmonize with their more modern counterparts. They are all neatly arranged in a line and divided according to their processing characteristics. In this way, besides complying with safety and efficiency regulations, the environment is orderly and conducive to the smooth progress of work.

The flooring has intentionally been treated to maintain a “lived-in” effect, typical of metalworking factories. A company like ours still thrives on the expertise of those who work there, and an immaculate environment would not fully reflect our essence.

Production area

Last but not least, noise pollution has been minimized as much as possible through the installation of sound-absorbing panels.

The result is an organized and clean production area. Such an organized production layout creates a visual impact consistent with the rest of the architecture and design concept. From the vantage point on the upper floor, the eye enjoys a stylistic continuity with the administrative areas.

The challenge was to make something like a factory, which by definition and convention is not particularly beautiful or pleasant, not only aesthetically pleasing but also to “make it speak,” telling who we are and how we like to work.

Technical offices

Parallel to production, there are the technical offices. These spaces have dual exposure: one side opens onto the corridor connecting to other rooms, while the other side directly overlooks the production area, offering a panoramic view through glass walls.

View from technical office

Bright and versatile, the technical offices allow the team primarily involved in the production phases to be metaphorically both inside and outside production.

Quality control room

Not just design and modernity. The history and journey that brought us here are essential to us. For this reason, we have brought a piece of “old Tor.Met” with us by installing small technical rooms from the old building that hosted us until a few months ago.

No alternative text has been provided for this image Small technical room from the old company A vintage touch that makes us feel at home.