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Tor.Met, precision turning

particulars since 1987

Tor.Met: metal turning. Our name says exactly who we are and what we loved making for over 30 years.

The strength and the dream of creating something great led us to grow faster, starting as a small family and becoming a company with a team of more than thirty highly qualified people for their jobs. The desire to grow up is stronger than ever and it distinguishes us today.

For this reason, we are careful on the evolution of the production market to ensure the usage of the newest and most effectiveness technologies in our machine park to fulfill all the needs of our customers.


tormet torni
Made in Italy
40 lathes

Our machines are all made up by the most modern productive technologies, which allow us to realize complex specifics also in small series.

30 years

Tor.Met is now a milestone in Omegna, the Italian city where we born. In the area we’re synonymous of quality, strength and passion, representing an excellence among the business realities of the area.

Production area
96875 sqft

Born in a small workshop with few machines that has gradually grown up, we are now in the process of moving to a space of over 43055 sqft where we can further increase our production power.

Ready to meet the new market demands

A team always updated

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Stefano Romanò
Plant manager
Piero Ragnoli
Product manager
Ing. Cristian Bonomo
Antonio Rimoli qualità tormet
Quality manager
Antonio Rimoli
Administration and accounting
Federica Ragnoli
Logistics and suppliers
Barbara Ragnoli
Production manager
Andrea Bertoli
Marketing and communication
Alessandra Brevi
magazzino tormet
Giorgia Rinaldi
Alessandro Segala Tor.Met
Alessandro Segala
Elena Rinaldi Tor.Met
Elena Rinaldi
magazzino tormet
Warehouse manager
Alessandro Marangoni