Tor.Met for school

Tor.Met’s commitment to the school

Through the projects of PCTO (acronym indicating the paths of school internships) we had the opportunity to host students from high schools and IIS of our territory. For us this represents an important exchange and a way to convey our passion to the new generations of workers, allowing them to get one of the first experiences in the world of work.

We evaluate the reception of students for both the offices and the production department.


Intership in Tor.Met

What the students who stayed with us say
At Tor.Met I was able to understand the business dynamics, the functioning of the different departments and provide my contribution to colleagues
I collaborated with Tor.Met during the summer of 2021. The experience has been fruitful and highly stimulating, both on the human and the working level. I learned how to handle situations outside of my school routine and realized that what I had learned at a theoretical level, such as, for example, the use of certain computer programs, could be applied within a company.
Working and dealing with Tor.Met allowed me to understand and apply to reality what I studied
I attended the Tor.Met environment for two weeks. In this period, although short, I got to know and deepen everything that revolves around a company. I also had the opportunity to put into play the basic skills that I was taught during my school career, alongside them with new ones. I am convinced that this experience has been very educational and I am sure that it will prove useful for my future.