Turnery and small metal parts


Application sectors

We have extensive experience in the hydraulic industry, sanitary fittings, HVAC, fittings, and related sectors, where we work with major leaders both in Italy and abroad. In addition to hydraulics, we are active in the food, hydraulics, and automotive sectors. Our production is geared towards processing according to the specific design of the customer, allowing us to be involved in multiple sectors.

Finishing and galvanic treatments

Thanks to the technologies available at Tor.Met and our partnership with leading companies in the finishing treatment sector, we are able to offer customers ready-to-use products. Chrome plating, nickel plating, polishing, washing, and annealing are the services we develop daily. The pieces are then inspected and packaged according to the specific requirements of the customer, fully complying with current regulations.

Machinery: lathes and beyond

Our machine park consists of the most modern production technologies that allow us to manufacture complex parts even in small series. Multi-spindle lathes, fixed head lathes, CNC machines, transfer machines, and some of the most reliable finishing machines on the market are included, along with an annealing furnace and a washing machine that enable constant optimization of production cycles and consequent competitiveness on prices. We boast the presence of the Ecoclean washing machine, which allows us to offer high cleanliness standards with maximum optimization of energy resources.

Tor.Met manufactures turned metal parts from bars in the primary non-ferrous metals, with diameters up to 80 mm

Brass and steel in all alloys, as well as plastic materials: the refinement of production techniques enables Tor.Met to produce numerous turned parts for various applications, according to our customers' needs.

After careful analysis of the project, evaluation of the raw materials, and identification of the most suitable working methods, production is set up to deliver the highest quality product to the customer.

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Tor.Met S.r.l


Precision is not a detail for us. Every production process is constantly monitored according to the strictest standards by our quality team using sophisticated measuring and control tools.

This is accompanied by reporting activities that allow complete traceability of the piece through its various production stages.

The refinement of production techniques enables the creation of numerous articles for various applications based on our customers' needs.

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Project analysis

Turnery process begins with the receipt of the customer's request. The production office studies the technical drawing and plans its production. Meanwhile the sales office formulates the most advantageous offer to be proposed by estimating lead times and order fulfillment.

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Raw material assessment

We rely on certified bar suppliers to obtain the best raw materials, ensuring a very high level of quality. Brass CW614N, CW617N, CW724R, and other alloys up to CW510L and CW511L, which are more in demand in the American market due to the limited presence of lead; RG5 and RG7 steel AISI303, AISI304, AISI316, and other alloys, as well as the POM technopolymer. Only with the best certified raw materials can we guarantee the strictest standards of quality for the finished product.

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After the preliminary stages, the processing begins on the predetermined machine. The piece can be turned on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathes, single-spindle or multi-spindle machines, depending on the type of processing required. For operations that demand it, pieces can also be mechanically or manually reworked by our skilled mechanical team, performing specific operations not yet supported by machines. Once the production batches are completed, the pieces are passed on to washing, annealing, or any required electroplating treatments.

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Constant monitoring

From the first piece made to check the lathe setup to the last, the quality team conducts regular checks to certify compliance with the project and quality standards at every stage of production. The pieces are measured in the metrology room using sophisticated measuring instruments, and any imperfections are immediately reported. Samples are sent to customers at the beginning and during production, where required, to directly test the effectiveness of the piece.

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Visual inspection, packing and shipping

At the end of the process, the pieces are taken to the warehouse where they undergo an additional visual inspection. Each individual part is examined under a magnifying glass, and anything that does not meet the standards is removed. The pieces are then packaged according to the client's directives (stacked, in boxes, separated by styrofoam or rubber, or on pallets) and shipped to the customer.