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Tor.Met srl

particulars since 1987


Tor.Met is a specialized turning shop focused in manufacturing small precision parts since more than 30 years. Experience and passion grown throughout the years, making us one of the leader company in the precision machining sector. More than 50% of our production is exported establishing an important rooting throughout the hydraulic sector.


Tor.Met offer a full service, from the acquisition of the order till to the delivery of the product. Our goal is to guarantee to our customers the best executive precision with the highest quality standards we have.


Over the years we followed the evolution of the productive technology, providing to the team the most advanced lathes available and adapting the manufacturing processes to the different geometric specification requested by the customers.

Certificazione ISO 9001:2015

Precision is not a detail

CNC turning and precision machining are our real mission and our main focus. Alongside the most sophisticated turning machines, there is a constant quality check process, with the main task of verifying that each piece produced is complied with the highest Tor.Met quality standards.

The goal is to guarantee "zero waste" and to achieve this goal we work closely with our customers from the beginning planning stages in order to correct errors and satisfy any new needs. During the production phase the piece is monitored with sophisticated measurement systems and supported by a reporting activity through precise technical data sheets to allow total traceability of the piece in its various production phases. Quality checks end just before the shipment. The piece-by-piece visual inspection is carried out in our warehouse before the packing and the shipment.

Leading manufacturer of small precision parts

On the point, for over thirty years

Import export
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Over 50% of our production is intended for foreign markets where the made in Italy is required as a synonym of high quality product.

Leading in hydraulic sector
100 customers

Our clients represent big names in the world of plumbing and design taps, that have chosen us to guarantee their high quality standards

Tor.Met in the word
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We export all over the world and collaborate with the several different production companies.

Tormet srl

precision parts

We produce turned bar parts in main non-ferrous metals up to a diameter of 80mm. Brass and steel in all alloys but we produce in plastic material as well.




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