Author: alessandra
Date: 22 March 2021
Tor.Met new headquarters: interview with local press

On Friday, March 5th at Novara 75/B street in Casale Corte Cerro at what will be the new headquarters of Tor.Met joined us reporters for La Stampa and VCO Azzurra, to local presses, to talk about the great project we are pursuing with the enlargement of ‘activities.

In the more than 4000 square meters of the currently empty warehouse, a cutting-edge and zero-impact Tor.Met will be built: the goal is not only to expand production but to create an industrial center of the highest technology and a reference point for industry of the future.

Tor.Met aims to become a company powered by renewable energy, with very low emissions into the atmosphere and with minimal noise pollution. An ambitious project pursued in a historical period, the one marked by the pandemic and the consequent economic crisis, which assumes even more value and importance by creating new jobs in the area.