Author: alessandra
Date: 13 November 2020
Oil filtration plant – An environmentally friendly choice

At Tor.Met we never underestimate the impact our work has on the environment and we do everything possible to adopt behaviors and tools that help us to reduce it to the maximum. In the new plant we will have the opportunity to improve even more but even now there is no lack of tools that make us “greener”

Vacuum Filter, oil filtration system

Disposing of the oil used daily for our production in the most ecological way was a point on which we immediately placed our attention. We have choose to adopte the Precoat Oil system by Vacuum Filter: a filtering aid layer, wood flour or other filtering material is used as a filtering medium, which is applied on a special cloth mounted on a rotating support called the drum. The depression between the upstream and downstream of the drum keeps the pre-stress on the canvas and makes the suction of the oil to be filtered.

Il nostro impianto Vacuum Filter in Tor.Met a Omegna