Tormet covid industria
Author: alessandra
Date: 25 September 2020
Heavy industry in Italy post-covid: Tor.Met point of view

Covid, lockdown and heavy industry in Italy

2020 will undoubtely remain in collective memory as the “pandemic year” who has radically upset lives an habits around the word and whose consequences will remain indelible. But how did Covid deal with heavy industri in Italy? Three months from the 2020’s starts, we all had to face a healt emergency whose extent we perhaps did not yet understand. Then, the first law decree (DPCM, in italian), first closures, confusion and than total lock down.

Immediately in Tor.Met we adopted all the necessary measure in order to contain the spread of virus by wearing masks, ensuring social distances between employees, providing digital thermometer and sanitizing products and closing to visits from the outside. We worked, being able to continue to do so, in maximum safety, facing a new event in the world trying to understand how to best overcome it.

Covid-19 effects on industry

According to Confindustria, in Italy compared to March 2019 there was a -32.6% of the average turnover and -32.5% of the hours worked; there was a very strong use of social safety nets (+ 53.1%) and 84.5% of the companies interviewed showed a decline in market demand (source, in italian).

A drastic and serious decline that we are trying to deal with in the best possible way from the smallest company to the more structured one.

Precautionary measures in Tor.Met

During these last months in which we have witnessed a timid return to normality, everyone has had to make habits of gestures hitherto unknown, such as always wearing a mask or not shaking hands at the beginning of a meeting.

In Tor.Met all the safeguards necessary to contain the virus are active: at the entrances all visitors will find masks, sanitizing gels, thermometers and a self-certification form of good health to protect everyone’s health. The staff continues to keep distance and mask in a new way of living the daily working life that is slowly becoming something that we can begin to define “normality”.